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Bastardes - Drunk on dreams, LP lim. 500 diff. col.

  • Red
  • Black
  • Blue

The new band from:
Arild Hanssen (Guitar/Bass Guitar ­– Troublemakers), Stefan Johansson (Vocals/Harmonica – City Saints), Niclas Hobro (Guitar – Gatans Lag & Old Fashioned Ideas) und Jenny Woo!

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Limited to:
100x blue
100x red
200x black
100x Unikat

A1 Babylon    
A2 My Life (Can't Hold Me Down)    
A3 Boot Boys    
A4 Wasted Days    
A5 Drunk On Dreams    
B1 Fuck Off And Die    
B2 The Streets Belong To Us    
B3 Paradise Is Burning    
B4 This Is Me    
B5 One Size Fits All