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Youth Defense League - Complete Discography, LP + 7" lim. 350 Fanclubpressing

  • White
  • Red
  • Black
  • Blue

All songs of that Boston Skinhead Band, the first time on one vinyl release!
Fanclub Pressing!
Both vinyls comes in a seperate Cover.

LP is limited to:
50x black
100x red
100x blue
100x white

7" is limited to:
350x black

Tracklist LP:
"Skins For Skins" Demo 86
A1 United Stand    
A2 The Oath    
A3 Youth Of America    
A4 Espionage    
A5 Skins For Skins    
A6 Deathwish    

"Live CBGB's 1988"
A7 Voice Of Brooklyn    
A8 The End

"Skinheads 88" Demo
B1 Skinheads 88    
B2 Turncoat    
B3 Youth Of America    
B4 Blue Pride    
B5 The Boys    

"Old Glory" (Never Released)
B6 Old Glory    
B7 New Glory    
B8 S.O.F.    

Tracklist 7"
"American Pride" E.P. 1988
A1 Youth Of America
B1 Skinheads 88      
B2 Turncoat