Take, The - s/t., LP 2. PRESS lim. different colors

  • Black
  • Orange

A new project of four, not unkown gentlemen! The band consists of the drummer Will Shepler (Ex-Agnostic Front & Madball), Sick Of It All bassist Craig Setari (also Ex-Agnostic Front), the guitarist and singer Scott Roberts (Ex-Biohazard, Bloodclot! & Cro Mags) and last but not least Carlos Congote (Royal Hounds, Ex-45 Adapters, Urban Noise & Legion 76!

250x orange

A1  The Skins are out Tonight
A2  Class War
A3  Elitist
A4  Place the Blame
A5  No Tolerance
A6  People Like You

B1  Revolution Now
B2  Tits on a Bull
B3  King of the World
B4  Dead to Me
B5  Pray for a Miracle