Take, The - s/t., LP black, 1st pressing


A new project of four, not unkown gentlemen! The band consists of the drummer Will Shepler (Ex-Agnostic Front & Madball), Sick Of It All bassist Craig Setari (also Ex-Agnostic Front), the guitarist and singer Scott Roberts (Ex-Biohazard, Bloodclot! & Cro Mags) and last but not least Carlos Congote (Royal Hounds, Ex-45 Adapters, Urban Noise & Legion 76!

A1  The Skins are out Tonight
A2  Class War
A3  Elitist
A4  Place the Blame
A5  No Tolerance
A6  People Like You

B1  Revolution Now
B2  Tits on a Bull
B3  King of the World
B4  Dead to Me
B5  Pray for a Miracle