Haymaker - We apologize to nobody, CD


The 2nd album of that Skinhead band from Prague!
10 new neckbreaker in their own style between The Business, Perkele and a bit of Motörhead!
You like Skinhead Rock 'n' Roll? You wil love Haymaker!

This album will be self-released by the band and is in distro of:
KB-Records (GER+EU), Tough Times Music (CZ), Fear City (US), The Firm Records (Brazil)

1. Underdogs
2. No social life
3. Boys in blue
4. Only a sinner becomes a winner
5. Hang up your boots
6. Skinhead Rock ‘n’ Roll
7. Freedom
8. To drunk to fight
9. We want to apologize
10. Hold on to your dreams (Accoustic)