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Red Alert - Brewed in Sunderland, DoCd

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Red Alert in Hochform!
Diese brandneue Doppel-CD beinhaltet die Alben:
"Blood, sweat 'n' beers"
"Beyond the cut"
"Drinkin' with Red Alert"
31 Tracks insgesamt auf zwei Silberlingen mit erstmals (!) allen Texten!
Ein kleines Gesamtmachwerk also!

1.Dreams from the ghettos
2.Back down the road
3.24 hours in the city
4.Holdin’ all the aces
5.One man’s resistance
6.All her own way
7.Riding the storm
8.Still burning
9.Kill or be killed
10.Across the lake
11.Backs to the wall
12.Blood, sweat ‘n’ beers
13.Long night in Long Island
14.Facing the truth
15.Together we’ll fight
16.Cabin fever
17.The beginning of the end
18.The iron man
19.East side of town
20.One flag I
21.The calling
22.Tomorrows girls
24.One flag II
25.Take no prisoners
26.They came in force
27.There’s a guitar burning
28.In Britain
29.It’s me boys
31.We’ve got the power