Wisdom In Chains - Die Young , CD Digipack

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Wisdom In Chains doing a perfect mix of old school HC, of the kind Sick Of It All or Agnostic Front, and old english Oi! like we know from Cock Sparrer or Angelic Upstarts!

1     We're Not Helping    
2     Liar    
3     Nowhere    
4     One Of These Days    
5     Fade    
6     Dragging Me Down    
7     The Game Of War    
8     Pass The Cup    
9     Friday Night Drama    
10     Die Young    
11     Fighting In The Streets    
12     Too Far Gone    
13     Get To Steppin'    
14     Out Of Season    
15     Time To Play    
16     Smash Your Face    
17     Nothing Like You    
18     The KKK Took My Baby Away