Wisdom In Chains - Class War, CD Digipack


Wisdom In Chains doing a perfect mix of old school HC, of the kind Sick Of It All or Agnostic Front, and old english Oi! like we know from Cock Sparrer or Angelic Upstarts!

1     The Sound Of The End    
2     Early Grave    
3     I Don't Care    
4     Cap City    
5     Class War    
6     This Is Mine    
7     My Promise    
8     Living In A Fog    
9     Killing Time    
10     Life Isn't Fair
11     Horrible Crimes    
12     No Smiles In The Ghetto    
13     The Land Of Kings    
14     No Justice For The Working Man    
15     London Gospel    
16     Violent Assault    
17     (Bonus)