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Hard Skin - Hard Nuts and Hard Cunts, LP schwarz

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Die Nachpressung von 2011 des Debütalbums der verrückten Oi! Band aus England. Der Track "Bunch and Pissed Up Cunts" ist ein exklusiver Track dieser Edition von Broken Rekids!

A1     Hard Skin    
A2     Oi Not Jobs    
A3     A. C. A. C.    
A4     Jocky On The Oche    
A5     XR3    
A6     My One Skin    
A7     Every Day, Every Weekend    
A8     Fax Of Life    

B1     The Good Times    
B2     First Day Angry Song    
B3     Beer And Fags    
B4     Me And The Boys    
B5     12 Bars Of Gold    
B6     Desperation Street    
B7     Bunch Of Pissed Up Cunts